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Online Credit Card 100%

100% credit card online and without bureaucracy.

That credit card is a “hand in the wheel”, there is no doubt … And when used with caution, it does not abandon you and you only have to win.

“Plastic money,” credit cards have become popular

Also known as “Plastic money,” credit cards have become popular, with options for varied public profiles: account holders, self-employed, high income, students, public servants, retirees and others.

Among the market options we will highlight today, the credit cards requested by the web, 100% online and without red tape.

To have a credit card, until recently, was only possible if it was requested directly in stores, banks or financial agencies.

In this case, it was necessary to complete a form with personal information, hand it over to the responsible official of the company and wait for a response on the approval of the credit.

All that has changed! Now you can get your credit card online and without paperwork!


How to Apply for a Credit Card Online

Today it is possible to request your most wanted card online and without any red tape. It is super simple and the process is fast, safe and it does not take 10 minutes to finish the process.

It can be done 100% online and from wherever you are. Just be connected on the internet through a computer or a simple smatphone.

Then just access the site of the chosen card, fill in the registration with a few clicks and you’re done! If your credit is approved (depends on the evaluation criteria of each financial institution), you will receive your credit card wherever you are.

Good Credit, still helps you more! Seriously … Here you just fill out a single registration to choose the desired cards from various of our partners. If your card is approved, just unlock it and do your shopping!

Find your credit card here!



What Co-branded Credit Card Means

What Co-branded Credit Card Means

They are cards issued by stores that aim to retain their customers. These cards are associated with a MasterCard or Visa flag and therefore have the credit function and can be used in other establishments.

It is possible to use the cards to make purchases through the internet, installment up to 10 times without interest , pay consumer bills, buy air tickets, travel packages and other services can be paid with the card, in a practical and safe.

Learn about credit card options:



Lower Rate Loan: Find Out Which Best Personal Payday Credit Template!



One of the main doubts of anyone who is considering applying for a Personal Payday loan is in relation to interest rates. Most credit models apply high interest rates because banks have no real guarantee of debt repayment.

Know the Personal Payday  loan with the lowest market rate

Know the Personal Payday Payday loan with the lowest market rate

An important point before applying for a Personal Payday loan is to know and analyze all the loan modalities available in the market. Thus, it is easier to find out which type of credit has the best hiring conditions and which best suits your need. Check below:

Payroll loan

The payroll loan is a modality of credit exclusively for public servants and retirees or pensioners of the INSS. Its main differential is that the payment of installments is directly discounted from your salary or benefit. Therefore, the banks have greater guarantee of their payment and, consequently, the default rate is much lower. Thus, financial institutions are able to apply lower interest rates , which are up to 5 times lower than other Personal Payday credit modalities.

Personal Payday loan

Personal Payday loan

The Personal Payday loan is when you ask the bank for a certain amount borrowed. The bank will analyze your income, your relationship with your bank and the market, and all the documentation you need to know if you have the funds to pay the debt later. These data will guide the definition of loan conditions, such as term and interest rates.

If the loan is approved, it is necessary to sign a contract, which will detail the loan repayment term and which percentage of interest plus the value of the installments.


Overdraft is a limit value that banks pre-release into your checking account . Because this credit model is already authorized and has no bureaucracy , you can use it at any time. Therefore, it is important to monitor your checking account frequently. sometimes it is so easy to “get on the overdraft” that we do not even notice. And since the overdraft interest charge is quite high, it may leave you even more in the red.

Rotary Loan

The revolving loan is related to the minimum payment of the credit card invoice. That is, when the total amount of the invoice is not paid, you are indirectly taking out a loan with the bank.

Basically, the bank pays the full amount of your invoice, and thus prevents your name from being erratic. However, the amount paid for it will be charged plus interest on your next invoices. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the revolving loan, since interest is usually high and cumulative .

With the table below it is possible to make comparative of Personal Payday loan modalities and their interest rates, according to Central Bank data:

Loan model Average interest rate
Personal Payday loan 4.65%
Overdraft 16.0% am
Rotary Loan 18.4%
Payroll loan 2.10% at

Now that you are familiar with the major Personal Payday credit models, understand why the payday loan has the lowest interest rates on the market compared to other forms of credit by reading the post: Loan with Low Interest Rate: Understand the reasons

Possible loan request under Good Finance

“I am on Good Finance and I need a Personal Payday loan.” This is often the case, so we’ve gathered all the important information and show you how you can succeed in applying for credit if you’re on Good Finance.


Good Finance alone is not enough

Let’s start with the most important thing: in itself, Good Finance as income is certainly not enough for the loan application as the bank cannot count it as primary income. However, a successful loan application requires primary income, which may be a wage, a business income, or a pension.

As Good Finance is a secondary source of income, the bank will count as a maximum additional income. Also, the bank does not accept the following:

  • It was on maternity leave,

  • CSED was,

  • family allowance,

  • child support,

  • orphanage,

even if the amount of aid reaches the minimum required for the loan application.

So if you have only secondary income, you will not be able to claim credit alone.

You can join the credit transaction as a companion

It is different if you are not the only one who needs credit as a parent at Good Finance, but you are a co-claimant in the loan agreement. In this case, the Good Finance complements the income of the principal debtor, and you can get a better offer from the bank because of the higher total income. It is important that the party named as the principal should have primary income.

Conditions for applying for credit

If you are a co-claimant in the credit agreement, it is a great responsibility for both of you, because in case of inappropriate repayment, not only the primary debtor, but also the co-claimant is responsible for repaying the loan with his Personal Payday assets. If you take a loan as a couple, you must be involved in the credit application process – if you do not want it, you must apply for it separately.

As a collaborator, you must meet certain conditions:

  • you must be of age

  • you may not be on the Central Credit Information System (KHR) negative debtor list,

  • you need to justify your income.

In order to apply, the co-applicant must also present the necessary documents:

  • a valid identity document (identity card, driving license or passport),

  • address card,

  • tax card,

  • bank account statement (if your account is not in the bank of your choice)

The most favorable Personal Payday loan offers

We checked which bank offers the best offer at a monthly income of less than HUF 250,000. Suppose we need 1 million forints and the term is 60 months. Based on the calculations of the Personal Payday Loan Calculator, the CIB’s Progressive Personal Payday Loan is the most favorable of these terms, with the APR being 11.73 percent. The monthly installment is HUF 21,814 and the total repayable amount is HUF 1,330,840. In order to get credit at the CIB, a certified net income of at least 120,000 forints is required.

For risky situations: have a credit insurance cover!

Credit insurance provides assistance in difficult life situations. Typically, such an event can occur if you lose your job, accident or ill. In the case of a longer illness or death, the insurer may even pay the full outstanding debt. If you lose your job, you will take 3-12 months to pay the installment of the loan, depending on the type of insurance.

What is a Personal Payday Loan Calculator Good for?

Choosing a good credit is never easy because many parameters need to be considered before applying.

  1. What do I want to translate?

  2. What amount do I need?

  3. How much repayment can I take?

  4. How long should the maturity be?

  5. Where can I apply for a loan without a bank change?

  6. Where can I prepay for free or for free?

  7. Where can I submit my credit request online?

  8. Where do I get the disbursement fee?

  9. Where do I get interest rebates?

To find the answer to all your questions, you should read and compare bank notices, which can take up to days. We understand if you do not want to bother with this and you would rather entrust this task to someone else. A Personal Payday loan calculator that can save you time and money!

Can I Trust a Personal Payday Loan Calculator?

The data in the calculator is constantly updated by the Personal Payday Loan Team based on current bank announcements – this also applies to temporary, even a few days, so you will always see up-to-date data in the calculator. Listed in a simple list, you can arrange bank loans for Personal Payday loans or quick loans.

Calculation is free and does not involve any commitment to you

Calculation is free and does not involve any commitment to you. You are probably thinking why this is worth it for us: we are in contract with most domestic banks, so we can compare them according to objective criteria – so it gets to the first place to offer the best offer based on the data you provide pay for this.

How Does a Personal Payday Loan Calculator Work?

The calculator works more easily than you think you just need to provide some data for the calculation:

  1. Set the amount of credit you need!

  2. You can use the smaller slider to set the length of time you want to repay your loan, ie how long it should run.

  3. If your monthly net income is over 250,000 forints, you should also check this out in the calculator, as most banks will be able to get the best deals from that amount.

  4. The same applies to the question of whether you are willing to make your income to the creditor bank. If your answer is yes, you can expect even better deals from the banks.


Credit: 10 Tips Before Ordering Yours

Just as important as getting credit is organizing yourself to use it the best way you can, without getting into debt or having trouble paying it on time.

You need to research the loan options, organize your accounts to know how much you will need, among other important factors.

Therefore, we have prepared a series of tips to help you apply for your loan correctly. Check out!


Know credit options with installments that fit in your pocket!



Tips for Applying for Credit

1) Research before you get the loan.

2) Be careful not to commit more than 25% of your income / monthly salary.

3) Do not delay the payment of the parcel for long not to have your name denied.

4) If you had to delay the loan, negotiate with your lender a installment of your debt.

5) See what other options you have, such as postponing the purchase or asking for a discount on the purchase of a product.

6) Pay your installments on time and do not delay the payment. That way you avoid the payment of fine and interest for late payment.

7) Do not take impulse loan. Most of the time when you will get better terms and interest rate if you plan and look.

8) Before taking out a loan, inform yourself of the credit conditions. Mainly see what the interest rate, what the amount of the installment and in how many months you will take it off.

9) Check your budget and see if you can pay the installments. See before hiring the loan if the installment fits in your pocket and if you will be able to afford it.

10) Choose the payment date closest to the receipt of your monthly salary. With this, you will schedule yourself better and you will hardly have the money to pay the installment on the right due date.

No-cost, no-bureaucratic personal loans

You can request your Personal Loan without cost, without commitment and without intermediation fee.

There are more than 20 partners between banks and financiers who can analyze your credit, without you needing to keep going from store to store looking for loan.

With this, you have more chance of getting suitable loan to your profile and solve your financial situation.

Do not waste time looking for your loan. Find the personal loan that fits in your pocket!


 Enjoy the visit and check out more tips on credit:

  • Needing money? Learn how to choose the best loan
  • What is pre-approved credit and how to hire
  • 10 Reasons Why You Choose Credit at Good Credit



Why does the financial plan fail after the first month?

What are these fashionable concepts and how dangerous they are. He’s unwillingly, but everyone is constantly implementing his own financial plan. Even if you have a financial plan that you don’t have. And even when you imagined something very precisely to which you are trying to keep yourself. Yet most of these processes are stuck. But why aren’t we able to go through our own plans?

What is Financial Planning? The purpose of financial planning is to tailor our financial resources to our ideas and thereby realize what we want.

Motivation is not strong enough during the financial perspective

Plans should be ranked to understand why we don’t get from 1 to 2:

  1. Immediate goals
  2. Goals in the medium term (1-3 years of income)
  3. Long-term goals (over 3+ years)

In humans, the self-rewarding reflex is working instinctively, which is strongly supported by the gathering inclination inherited from homo sapiens. What does this mean in the life of a 21st century man? Everything immediately and preferably yesterday.

The main narrative of all financial plans is the same:

  • homemaking
  • children’s future
  • health
  • pension

Then why is it that most of us are never able to achieve these goals? The answer is in human impatience and self-rewarding reflex. It is very difficult to inject into our brain and soul to pull ourselves together for years and to sacrifice everything for which the end result is not guaranteed at all!

Is a sparrow better today than a bustard tomorrow?

Most people are afraid to risk it. Home or retirement is a risk that is never guaranteed . We may never be able to achieve these goals with all our efforts. And over time, our motivation is shaking, ceasing, and transforming. They are replaced by secondary “typical goals”:

  • buying a car
  • dream holiday
  • restaurant, entertainment
  • computer, phone


The problem is always caused by the “ority”, that is, we see and live everything in the frame. The financial plan is like a diet that will not work if we are hungry. A good diet is consciously assembled and cares about our extra needs beyond our basic needs!


I think most of the financial plans, on the other hand, are specifically silly, because they always put everything under one goal. Its effectiveness depends solely on the strength of motivation. And then we can hope that our motivation will be stronger than the more easy and quicker access to side-by-side goals.


With smart goals, you need to make a smart financial plan

If we define smart goals, we never lose focus. We can minimize the risk that a side-way would be too easily displaced from our journey. This is crucial, as we can only achieve our goals that truly determine our lives.

This is so nice and good, but it is not self-evident that everyone sets the right goals. And if the goals are wrong, we can erode our whole plan by building on totally wrong bases. That’s why I always use LICO (opportunity, time, goal-oriented) tactics.

I can define smart and realistic goals by LICO, because I take my own possibilities into account, I can define the time and the goals instead of dreams, and I can plan their realization. So I will never miss anything, and I can really set good savings targets!


It is not very smart to constantly redesign

The bad financial plan is that we are constantly redesigning, changing the direction we have chosen for ourselves and our family. Those who do so are NEVER able to achieve their goals by themselves, since they always start from zero.

They are those who are controlled by their desires and determined by their dreams. They never get to one of the two.

What is the smart financial plan?


The key to creating a smart financial plan is that you are always on target-oriented, assessing the time horizon and the financial resources available. You ask yourself the most important question (and answer it): “How will I achieve my goal?”

The answer is the implementation plan itself, which acts as a kind of automatic system. You don’t have to convince yourself every month before you make a payment and keep working for a good purpose.

Three points of attention with a Personal Payday Loan

Living an exciting life means making plans. Just think of the purchase of a beautiful car, the studies of your children, the honeymoon, etc. These are all highlights that we live towards.

But to realize those dreams, we sometimes need some extra budget breathing space. By taking out a personal payday loan, for example. Although it is best not to go ice cream overnight. Discover the most important points of interest here!

What is a personal payday loan?

What is a personal loan?

In contrast to a home loan or a car loan, with a personal payday loan you have to account for a lesser extent for your purchase. You use the money for what you want: whether it is the reconstruction of your garden or the organization of a big party. Therefore, presenting a purchase invoice is not necessary to secure a personal payday loan.

A personal payday loan is a welcome way to accelerate a certain purchase or investment. But borrowing money also costs money of course. It is therefore not recommended to take out a loan for every major expense, because it unnecessarily increases the risk of financial problems. Always keep a close eye on your budget, and only use a personal payday loan for well-targeted investments.

Be careful with usury rates

Be careful with usury rates

Don’t just go into the sea with the first best lender. In some cases, usury rates are used, and they can break your acid. Determine in advance what amount you need and then listen to various credit institutions. A handy reference is the so-called annual percentage rate (APR), which indicates how much your loan costs per year. This includes interest, but also other costs (commissions, administration costs, insurance, etc.).

Tip: In certain cases it is recommended to borrow a slightly higher amount than necessary. This is because you may end up in a tranche with a lower annual percentage rate (APR), so you borrow more cheaply.

Consider your relatives

Consider your relatives

Did you know that you can take out a credit balance insurance not only for home loans but also for personal payday loans? It is the best way to guarantee your next 100% kin secure financial future. Knowing more? Please contact us. We are ready for you!

Credit tag

As with prices, our ideas about property prices have completely disappeared. We tend to believe that our homes are now scrubbing the boundaries of Western Europe from below. There is an incredible difference in the standard of living alone. But what is the truth about this? Do you know the prices of apartments in Brussels, Prague or Lyon?

Young people find it increasingly difficult to get their own homes

Young people find it increasingly difficult to get their own homes

In all cases, we need to examine property prices with two main standards. On the one hand, how they relate to internal demand and living standards. Secondly, are regional or regional comparisons expensive or cheap?

25 years of indebtedness is not enough

If an average young person between the ages of 25 and 35 is determined to take home mortgage loans – willing to pay for 25 years – it is often not enough to succeed. Until a few years ago, such a personal decision made the first home purchases, now we have to face the amazing need for self-help!

20% equity, which was 37.3% a few years ago

The explosion of the Hungarian real estate market is probably characterized by the inflation of self-worth. Let’s look at a 55nm panel flat in Budapest, which we could buy for 15M for 5 years from its owner. 20% of self-sufficiency was needed, ie 3M forints.

In 2019 the price of the same apartment is 28M. Here, the 20% self-sufficiency is HUF 5.6M, which is almost twice the 2014 example. Our current HUF 5.6M (excluding inflation and present value) would correspond to 37.3% equity.

The logical question: During the last 5 years did this young person have a real chance to raise an additional 2.6M forints? 2.6M / 60 Months = Monthly savings of 43,333 Forints over 5 years, while housing and living have become more expensive.

We can buy 10 Budapest from the price of a London apartment

Deloitte publishes its Property Index every year. This way, we can get first-hand information about foreign prices from official sources. I gazed at the prices a bit and I was even surprised. I didn’t expect such differences.

Average square meter prices in major cities in 2017-2018

Prices are in euros. The estimate was made at a rate of 325 forints.

Let’s see, Budapest in this comparison is lagging behind, to say it is worth buying an apartment in Hungary. Now think about the fact that an average 85nm flat in Budapest came to $ 45,387,875 in 2017, while the same apartment went to 456,144,000 forints in London.

Find 300x more!

The difference between salaries is often used as a legitimate argument. Now think about it! The example housing prices (London-Budapest) are HUF 410,756,125. Calculating a 10-year period, we would have to spend HUF 3 422 967 per month on this, ie approx. € 10,532.

In 2018, “top managers” were second in the list of England earnings, earning an average of € 11,874 a month!

In Budapest, the average income is somewhere around $ 275,000 a month, equivalent to € 846. In order to be able to pay an average London property calculated on a Budapest scale, we would have to earn 12.4x more each month for 10 years, so that our salary increases in direct proportion to real estate prices.

The situation is getting worse in Budapest

You’ve just read a 2017 statistic. I checked how the average price per square meter in Budapest was on January 1, 2019. We paid an average of 724,650 forints per square meter. So real estate prices are rising steadily.

I didn’t really find credible data on foreign price changes, I didn’t want to search for the latest data for 2019 because housing was definitely not cheaper anywhere.

Budapest 2017 and 2019

On the basis of the figures the difference (at the same time) is 190 675 ft / nm. The difference for a 85 sqm apartment is 16 207 375 for two years. This means that you would have to save $ 675,307 a month in the two years who wanted to buy exactly the same apartment.

It is impossible to get this out of employee salary.

Today we are going to go without help

The process is very beautiful, which once characterized Western Europe. Property prices in central cities have been increasingly separated from the average wage of employees. This process is also evident in Budapest.

Our vision is not for anyone who is

  • has no own real estate, the value of which has also risen
  • has no jealousy
  • does not have family support
  • is not eligible for state aid