Credit: 10 Tips Before Ordering Yours

Just as important as getting credit is organizing yourself to use it the best way you can, without getting into debt or having trouble paying it on time.

You need to research the loan options, organize your accounts to know how much you will need, among other important factors.

Therefore, we have prepared a series of tips to help you apply for your loan correctly. Check out!


Know credit options with installments that fit in your pocket!



Tips for Applying for Credit

1) Research before you get the loan.

2) Be careful not to commit more than 25% of your income / monthly salary.

3) Do not delay the payment of the parcel for long not to have your name denied.

4) If you had to delay the loan, negotiate with your lender a installment of your debt.

5) See what other options you have, such as postponing the purchase or asking for a discount on the purchase of a product.

6) Pay your installments on time and do not delay the payment. That way you avoid the payment of fine and interest for late payment.

7) Do not take impulse loan. Most of the time when you will get better terms and interest rate if you plan and look.

8) Before taking out a loan, inform yourself of the credit conditions. Mainly see what the interest rate, what the amount of the installment and in how many months you will take it off.

9) Check your budget and see if you can pay the installments. See before hiring the loan if the installment fits in your pocket and if you will be able to afford it.

10) Choose the payment date closest to the receipt of your monthly salary. With this, you will schedule yourself better and you will hardly have the money to pay the installment on the right due date.

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